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Beer 23: Tiny Rebel Full Nelson

DSC07180Almost done 🙁 The beer of today was brewed by Tiny Rebel, a microbrewery in Newport, Wales. (www.tinyrebel.co.uk) The beer is just as unique as the brewery name. Unique in the way the ingredients have been used. Especially the hops, or better, where they come from. The main hops used for the beer are Nelson hops. A very distinct and New Zealand native hop variety that adds some great vineous flavours to the beer. Many say that Nelson hops have flavours of great New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs.

The brewery describes it as “Strong grape flavours are complimented by the sweet Munich malt, makings this beer crisp and refreshing.” Indeed it is, bringing some nice elderflower notes into the glass.

This is awesome…

Beer 22:  Distelhäuser Black Pearl

DSC07116Today’s beer is yet another true representative of it’s style. Behing today’s window you’ll find the Distelhäuser Black Pearl Porter. Brewed by the small brewery Distelhäuser out of Northern Baden-Württemberg (www.distelhaeuser.de).

The beer is nearly black in colour with small head. It has some awesome notes of plums and toffee and licorice on the nose. On the palate this beer is nice roasty bitter, dry and tart. A touch of cocoa and coffee notes.

This is easy drinking and goes well with chocolate cake… >rate this beer online

Beer 21: Tennent Stout


The 21st day of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar brings us another classic representative of it’s style. The Tennent’s Scottish Export Stout is brewed by Wellpark (Tennent Caledonian – C&C Group) –www.tennentcaledonian.com

It pours a nice black colour with little brown head. Mild bitterness from the roasted malts paired with good carbonation and light mouth feel. Nice roasted aromas with a sweetish finish. >rate this beer online

Beer 20: Loncium Carinthipa


Day 20 of the Craft BeerAdvent® – only 5 more beers, including today’s. The beer behind today’s door is produced by Privatbrauerei Loncium, a small brewery in Carinthia’s Kötschach-Mauthen, close to the Italian border (www.loncium.at).

The beer itself, a very refreshing India Pale Ale, with a great copper colour with a stable off white head. It has great notes of caramel and malt, paired with citrus fruits. This also continues on the taste combined with a good carbonation. >rate this beer online

Beer 19: Zwönitzer Rauchbier


Happy Weekend!! Today’s beer is a real treat – the Zwönitzer Rauchbier brewed by Brauerei und Gasthof Zwönitz out of Saxony (www.brauerei-zwoenitz.de), a small town close to the Czech border.

The Zwönitzer Rauchbier is a “smoked” beer. So the malts this beer has been produced with have been dried with smoke. Similar to smoking fish or meat. On the nose this beer starts off with some great “butcher” notes, smoked bacon fresh from the shop. On the taste it has some woody and earthy notes paired with a nice hoppyness and well balanced carbonation.

All in all, a great beer that would go well with any kind of smoked meats. >rate this beer online

Beer 18: Camba Hop Gun

DSC07163Almost there – at the end of this long work week. Today’s beer is brought to us by Camba. This is a young, innovative brewery in the region of Chiemgau with more than 50 different types of beer, its own brewery restaurant in Truchtlaching and Craft Beer World in Gundelfinge (www.camba-bavaria.de/en)

The beer itself is a Brown Ale, a mighty hoppy one we might add. It has a great deep brown colour. Right of the beginning you get a very fruity note, some peaches and caramel. On the taste this flavor profile continues. Well integrated carbonation. In the back nice pairs of fruits and hops. >rate this beer online

Beer 17: Flying Dog Snake Dog

DSC07162Today we’ll make an excursion over the big pond – to Maryland – the Flying Dog Brewery (www.flyingdogales.com) brings to us their Snake Dog IPA.

Wow, just opened the bottle and already nice hop notes. According to the brewery it’s brewed with special hops from the Pacific Northwest. It has some nice amber colour. it has all the classic features of a great American IPA. On the taste some awesome tropical fruit, herbs and some honey notes.

The Aftertaste is long and has great hop bitterness. >rate this beer online

Beer 16:  Hopfmeister Gipfelglück

Day 16 – getting closer and closer to Christmas. The beer behind today’s window is the Gipfel Glück from the Hopfmeister Braumanufaktur (www.hopfmeister.com).

The beer is a typical German Wheat Ale, great and hazy yellow colour with a fluffy white head. On the nose it shows great cloves and banana that also continues on the taste. The medium body shows well integrated carbonation and alcohol. >rate this beer online

Also, take a peek at proBIER.TV’s video of the “Gipfelglück”:

Beer 15:  Bevog Baja Oatmeal Stout

DSC07087Wow, today we are excited to bring you an awesome treat: The “Baja” Oatmeal Stout from Brewery Bevog in southern Austria, close to the Slovenian border. Great Label…

The Brewery describes it as follows: “When creating the recipe for this beer, we bore in mind what one associates with oatmeal. Hence the base was laden with a bunch of oat flakes, roasted malts and roasted barley. The end result reflects this – intensive flavours, a coffee and dark chocolate aroma and a creamy texture. So we would not smother this, we added only as much hops as was needed to delicately balance the flavour.”

There’s really nothing more to add – except – bring on the great beers. >rate this beer online

Beer 14: Maisel & Friends Pale Ale

DSC06852Monday, back to work. Day 14 of our Craft BeerAdvent ® Calendar brings us a great beer brewed by Brauerei Gebr. Maisel out of Bayreuth, Germany.

This Pale Ale has a pale orange colour, with a nice white head. On the nose it shows off nice citrus aroma, grapefruit and pine. Awesome nose for the style. On the taste the citrus retracts a bit and some sweeter and vanilla notes take over. Also some elderflower and apple notes come through. It has a great, hoppy finish that lingers on long after the beer is gone. >rate this beer online

Beer 13: MET-Amensis Golden Dark

Take a peek at KawauTV’s video of the “Golden Dark” and rate this beer online!

Beer 12: Riedenburger Dolden Sud

Take a peek at KawauTV’s video of the the “Dolden Sud”and rate this beer online!


Beer 11:  Bierzauberei Hexenritt

Take a peek at proBIER.TV’s exclusive interview with the “Bierzauberer” himself and rate this beer online!

Beer 10:  De Molen Op & Top


The work week is almost over. Today the Craft BeerAdvent® brings us a beer from one of the most renowned breweries in Europe. Brouwerij de Molen is located in Bodegraven in the Netherlands (http://brouwerijdemolen.nl/en/).

De Molen is known for their big and bold Imperial Stouts. We have decided to add a great beer into our Advent Calendar – the Op & Top – a great and easy drinking beer – a “Bitter”. Now Bitter beers are gold to copper color, low carbonation and medium to high bitterness. Hop flavor and aroma may be non-existent to mild. Great to drink with steak and lobster.

This awesome representative of this stile, it shows great orange colour with a white head. On the nose it shows off grassy notes and nice hoppy flavours. Great tropical fruit notes… >rate this beer online

Beer 9:  Gusswerk Horny Betty


Today we are opening the 9th window of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar. The “Horny Betty” is a nice example of what one of Austria’s best breweries is able to achieve.

9,2% abv make this beer a heavy weight in it’s class of Spice/Herb/Vegetable beers. The ruby red colour is topped with a brown head and nice carbonation. On the taste it has a mix of bacon and spices (Christmas bacon), maybe some gingerbread.

This is a perfect companion for a sweet dessert… >rate this beer online

Also, take a look at Reinhold Barta’s opinion of the craft beer trend:

Beer 8:  Schwendl Don Impala

DSC06784On this fabulous Tuesday the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar brings to us the Don No. 1 Impala, a Weizen Bock from Weissbräu Schwendl (www.weissbraeu-schwendl.de).

As a typical Weizen Bock, this beer has a cloudy golden colour with a nice white head. On the taste, this 8,0% abv beer shows off with some great wheat malt flavours paired with some nice grapefruit aromas. Touch of ripe banana and peaches on the palate, combined with a bit od yeasty notes. >rate this beer online

Beer 7:  Riegele Golden

As Riegele (www.riegele.de) is one of the world’s oldest breweries (it was founded all the way back in 1386!), they have gathered more than enough experience and knowledge to be able to create a thoroughly solid Pale Ale, which is both mild and refreshing. That is not only, but surely also caused by the excellent hops from Hersbruck, which has been precisely balanced with the popular malt ilk “Steffi” and brewed using Riegele’s proprietary RIEGELE 3 brewing procedure. >rate this beer online

Beer 6:  Ketterer Pumpkin Ale

It’s the second Sunday of the Advent, and the first of the Craft BeerAdvent®. Today the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar brings us the Pumpkin Ale from the Brewery Ketterer (www.brauerei-ketterer.de).

Typically Pumpkin ales are produced with spices to create the feel of the pumpkin spice. Not so this one – this beer uses organic Hokkaido pumpkins from the Biohof Laiseacker. The pumpkins are roasted and then added to the beer.

The beer shows a great dark orange colour with an off white head. On the taste nice malty flavours combined with the hint of pumpkin and spices. Enjoy this with a nice piece of cake or pie… >rate this beer online

Beer 5:  Rügener Inselkreide

DSC06699Happy Weekend everyone. Today we’re having a special treat from one of Germany’s top vacation destinations – the Island of Rügen. The “Insel Kreise” is a Witbier produced by the Rügener Insel-Brauerei (www.insel-brauerei.de)

The beer is an unfiltered cloudy yellow in colour, with a huge frothy head. It’s nose has exotic spices, fruity and citrus. On the taste a great wheat malt aroma with coriander ans light sour hints.

This beer is bottle conditioned and is brewed with historical and all natural ingredients. >rate this beer online

Beer 4:  Allgäuer Braukatz

11048733_1527842734197660_853484177603806625_nIt’s Friday and we’re writing Day 4 of the Craft BeerAdvent®. Today’s beer has Germany as it’s origin, buy the style is American Pale Ale.

The Braukatz No 01 is is brewed by the Postbrauerei Nesselwang under their “Brau-Manufactur Allgaeu” Brand (www.brau-manufactur-allgaeu.de). In the glass this beer has a nice orange colour with a white head. It has a great citrus nose, paired with light herbal notes. On the taste this flavour profile continues, but with added tropical fruits.

Very well balanced – perfect for a Friday evening! >rate this beer online



Beer 3:  Del Ducato Victoria Session

Day three of our Craft BeerAdvent® brings us into the lower abv range. The beer of today is the Session IPA “Victoria” from the renowned Italian Brewery Birrificio del Ducato (www.birrificiodelducato.it) which is located near Parma in Northern Italy.

The beer is a perfect representative of this beer style, lighter in alcohol, but a nice malty backbone with very present hops.

In the glass it shows some nice pale golden colours with a creamy off-white head. It has a nose of grass but also shows off the typical pine notes. Easy drinking and refreshing. >rate this beer online

Beer 2:  Müller Imperial Stout

Müller Imperial StoutToday’s beer has it’s origin at the Müllerbräu Neuötting (www.muellerbraeu.de) from Bavaria. It is their Imperial Stout (Black Star Edition) and shows well integrated 9,8% abv.

The beer itself is licorice black, pours with a nice brown head. On the nose it has some dark fruits and nuts paired with roasted flavours. On the taste this beer has very dominant coffee flavours paired with bittersweet chocolate. The high alcohol is well hidden and almost not present at all. The finish is round, soft and kinda “fat”. > rate this beer online

Beer 1:  Brew Age Affenkönig

WELCOME to the first day of the Craft BeerAdvent®. We’re sure that all of you can’t wait to open the first window. So, here it is… We’re starting off with a phenomenal beer from BrewAge (www.brewage.at) out of Germany – the Affenkönig, an Imperial IPA with stunning 8,2% abv. The beer is orange in colour, with a big, white and long lasting head. Right at the beginning one gets tropical fruits in the nose, paired with hoppy flavours, that also continue on the palate. A long lasting and hoppy finish rounds off this (awesome) day of the Craft BeerAdvent®. >rate this beer online